Ideas to Implement

Ideas to Implement #GeoFencing for Real Estate🏠: There are many ways you can target potential shoppers. Here are just a few campaign thoughts for inspiration – our team will help you brainstorm others: ➡️ Target potential home buyer types within geo locations – e.g., young families, empty nesters, active seniors, etc. within the defined area ➡️ Re-target past […]

Video Advertising Rocks!

Video Advertising Rocks! Don’t miss the chance with OTT/CTV growth. OTT/CTV ads perform, and now is the best time to take advantage of them. Whether viewed on a CTV set at home, on a streaming device on the way, or on a desktop at work, video content remains an advertiser’s most effective tool to connect […]

To drive traffic to the real estate agents’

To drive traffic to the real estate agents’ (as well as the stores, showrooms, offices, and other brick-and-mortar sales points) business owners address Localizeit to leverage geolocation data, which is information on a mobile user’s exact physical whereabouts. Location-based data is so powerful because of its link to intent. Searching online for “a house” is […]