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Location: Location Based Mobile Advertising The importance of in-app inventory and accurate location targeting Targeting specific locations enables you to reach potential customers and display ads on their mobile devices. Location-based advertising is an extremely useful tool capable of bringing great value when applied properly.   Examples:

  • Reach audiences interested in a specific niche by targeting relative events or seminars.
  • Reach commuters by targeting high traffic stations.
  • Reach wealthy individuals by targeting locations such as golf-clubs or similar establishments.
  • Reach students by targeting colleges or universities.

  The process is simple. A business with a physical location simply needs request for a GEO-Fence to be created around a given location or branch which will enable them to target customers who are within that range by using their mobile devices. A GEO-Fence can be anywhere from 50 meters to 5 miles and it’s up to the client to determine the best fit. A few things need to be taken under consideration for a successful application. For a positive outcome, it’s important to have a significant amount of in-app inventory as 80% of users’ mobile activity is in-app. Using a generic platform (or DSP) has proven to be ineffective when compared to the application of more connected (mobile-oriented) ad exchanges and SSP’s. When it comes to locating mobile devices’ actual location, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Firstly, the most effective and accurate way of determining the location is via GPS.
  • Secondly, a location can be determined by detecting wifi touch points which is also quite effective.
  • Next, the location can be determined by using cellular towers. However, this is not recommended because it’s not nearly as accurate as the above-mentioned methods.
  • And finally, a location can be determined by using IP touch points which is also not recommended as it’s only accurate on the city level.

  The use of fraud prevention tools is a must. Unfortunately, many publishers aim to receive a higher bid price by providing false location data. All things considered, when implemented properly this is considered to be one of the most effective mobile advertising tools you can take advantage of today.

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In most cases, a positive ROI of a Programmatic Display Advertising campaign is achieved based on specific campaign or targeting setting. This is why the more targeting variables a Demand Side Platform can provide, the bigger the chance of achieving a positive campaign result.

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