How it looks

You have seen targeted display everywhere through out your online experience.

What you probably didnt know: is that its now really affordable. Small businesses can now leverage programmatic on demand advertising to showcase their products and services to their potential customers whether locally, nationally or even internationally. Stop wasting your money falling for SEO scams promising to give you first page position on search engines, or paying for unrealistically competitive keywords CPC. Reach your customers wherever they are.

Mobile Web.


Mobile ads are 30 times more effective than Internet ads.
60% of purchase-influencing
ads are viewed on a mobile device.
Mobile web advertising offers more flexibility over in-app as to the availability
of add space inventory as browsing on mobile devices is often more fluid than
interacting with specific apps. Thereby provides advertising for a better opportunity for category targeting.
After all: the Western world is now suffering from Nomophobia;
An abnormal, irrational fear of being without
one’s mobile device, or of being unable to
communicate using one’s mobile device

In-App Advertising


Mobile use is now dominated by mobile ads.
Whether we like it or not the fact is that daily mobile use is now 7 of 10 hours daily spent on the web.
Out of that time spent about 87% is spent on the app.
Mobile app advertising is a highly effective method to reach your target audience
considering that average adult interacts with their phone about 14 times per hour.

OTT Video advertising


As more and more people are cutting their cable (cord cutters) and switch their preference to subscription services such as
Roku or Netflix. TV advertising has now become affordable even for small businesses to advertise within their local community which they serve on par with multinational corporation and
Ads are no longer served by TV shows and priced based on popularity.
A virtual multichannel video programming aggregates multiple
television channels and offers them virtually on streaming devices.
As an advertiser, you can now show your ads based on interest and target individual
consumers based on many filtering options we have available at our disposal.

Pre Roll and Instream Video


Ever been bothered by a video ad while visiting your favorite website, playing a game, or watching a show?
Most likely the answer is yes.
Through programmatic ad-servers, we are able to place your video ads using the same targeting characteristics as available for banner ads
to deliver video adverting for local small businesses.
Video ads have significantly higher response and engagement average than any other advertising means
On average 60% higher engagement, while 60 % more people will remember a brand seen in the video over a static banner placement.
With all these options; all you have to do is decide who should see these videos.
Call us to find out how we can get your video ads seen by your local audience.