To drive traffic to the real estate agents’

To drive traffic to the real estate agents’ (as well as the stores, showrooms, offices, and other brick-and-mortar sales points) business owners address Localizeit to leverage geolocation data, which is information on a mobile user’s exact physical whereabouts. Location-based data is so powerful because of its link to intent. Searching online for “a house” is one thing. Showing up at a real estate agency is another. This action is a strong signal that a prospect is making his or her way down the purchasing funnel.
For real estate brokers, Localizeit builds geo-fences around direct and indirect competitors’ offices, real estate agencies in strategic areas because people who visit these places are probably in the market for «a house». For a month Localizeit serves mobile ads to people who visit these places, either while they are at the targeted location or up to 30 days after they have left.
To measure the campaign, Localizeit draws “conversion zones” — virtual boundaries around an advertiser’s business location on a GPS map — around real estate agency or broker’s office, allowing the team to track the number of users who visit a conversion zone after being served an ad. The advertiser receives granular reporting and it helps to optimize the campaign mid-flight by shifting advertising spending to the highest performing geo-fences. This drives the more qualified audience to the business location and saves funds. Don’t we all wish real clients at our doorstep?