Ideas to Implement

Ideas to Implement #GeoFencing for Real Estate🏠:
There are many ways you can target potential shoppers. Here are just a few campaign thoughts for inspiration – our team will help you brainstorm others:
➡️ Target potential home buyer types within geo locations – e.g., young families, empty nesters, active seniors, etc. within the defined area
➡️ Re-target past visitors to properties to entice them to call an agent – perhaps even showing how many users favorited the property
➡️ Use video around 30-seconds to spotlight a special feature or help buyer “see” themselves in the new home
➡️ Leverage contextual location data such as weather or time of year in your ads – e.g., snowy day to highlight winter-friendly features like heated garages or efficient heating system
➡️ Include interactive features in your ads – e.g., Display a question that can be answered like “what’s your must-have feature in your next house?” and display information about that feature from your inventory.
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